What Are Employment Websites?

There is a profound meaning listed for employment websites with the International Association of Employment Websites:

online job applicationThese are career portals and job boards that are operated by:

– Newspapers
– Commercial enterprises
– Television and radio stations
– Professional and trade magazines/publications
– Societies and professional associations
– Universities, colleges, technical/trade schools, affinity groups and alumni organizations

They will usually offer different employment opportunities for the job seekers to meet employers that will match up with their qualifications. All of the job requirements and documentations can be easily uploaded online and it is convenient for both parties.

Online Job Search Engines

The search engines work to aggregate postings from the company website, major job banks and all of the online newspapers. You will find a number of job search engines offering searches of the online job sites and identify any new job postings.

What Do These Websites Do For Job Seekers?

The top search websites will offer some or all of the following features and services:

  • Provide access to the employment opportunities in the hometown of the job seeker, as well as around the world.
  • Notifications that are private and automated of all of the openings that match up with their employment objectives.
  • Information regarding effective search techniques, both on and offline.
  • Resources made available for successful searching, including resume writing, coaching and help with interviews.
  • Links bringing searchers to other job resources on other websites.
  • Skills to help with effective career self-management.
  • Resources to help foster a successful career.
  • Training and certification for the individual career fields and the selected topics.
  • Links pointing to other career management resources that are found on other sites.
  • Information/resources for a better balance of life and work.

Across the nation, employers will spend well over a billion dollars each year as they work to recruit a variety of candidates from the job boards. There will not usually be a cost to any of the applicants, with the exception of executive position and upper management boards that will charge a fee for using the service. Quite often, these boards will offer a variety of services, to include education and coaching to help with putting together a great job search.