6 Career Mistakes In 2017 Job Seekers Should Avoid

Some candidates don’t get the right opportunities despite possessing a good skill set and work experience. These qualities are of no use if you commit mistakes that can lead to dismissal by the recruiters. There are a few cardinal mistakes that people make when they approach companies to seek a job are:job seekers career mistakes

Sending incomplete Applications

When you send your application to your potential employer, you must make sure it includes all relevant details. If you keep the recruiters guessing, they will not be interested in reading your application. You must understand that most recruiters have a limited time and they have read hundreds of resumes every day. They usually spend time on those applications that are complete and have all relevant information about the candidate. If they are forced to ferret out information from an application, they may not be interested in the applicant.

Not Following Instructions

Another mistake that most candidates do is not to follow the instructions of the recruiter. If the recruiter has specified that phone calls will not be entertained, you must stick to their instructions. Calling them repeatedly to know the status of your application can reduce your chances of getting selected. Also, make sure you send all the details required by the recruiter to the right person within the stipulated time. This will also show that you are willing to take instructions from a person in command.

Getting Generic

Most online job portals come with an “Apply” sign that allows you to send your generic resume to a company of your choice. This practice must be avoided as could affect your chances of getting the job. Instead, you should use the preview option and edit your resume to suit the requirements of the job. Most job seekers use group email to send a generic resume to the recruiters. This is the biggest blunder you can make as it shows that you are desperate and you have to respect for your employer.

Applying for a job in a Hurry

You must understand that you will be selected by what you bring to the table and not on how fast you send your application. So, you should never rush to send your application. You must check your application several times before sending it to a recruiter. Also, make sure you send a cover letter with the application. Incomplete applications and applications filled with typos will create a negative impact.

Getting Flashy

To attract the attention of the recruiter, many candidates use flamboyant language, fancy fonts, and colorful header and footer. Some candidates may also add personal pleas in the comments section. Candidates must understand that recruiters don’t spend more than 30 seconds to read an application. They will call you for an interview only when they are satisfied with what they see on the resume. If your resume puts them off, they will not be interested in meeting you.

Following Up

After sending your application to the recruiter, you must take steps to find the status of your application. For instance, if you don’t hear from the recruiter within ten days, it is best to follow of on the application. Avoid irritating the recruiter by calling them up every other day. The key here is to be polite and show that you are interested in the position offered by the recruiter.